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Stay tuned for more details!

Our teams are currently full, but don't worry! We invite you to come cheer on the teams, enjoy the spirited atmosphere, and be a vital part of our softball tournament!


Lewiston Strong Softball Tournament Bracket 2.0[90]-1.png


Scorebooks and lineups will be provided. Be ready to play 20 minutes prior to your game time on the bracket.


1. This is 7 men to 3 women. Double coin toss determines the home team.

2. Must not bat more than 3 men in a row or there's a ghost out between 3rd and 4th male batters this doesn't carry over inning to inning.

3. Bat as many people as you want.

4. Line up cards must have first initial and full last name.

5. Games will run every 45 minutes drop dead. If it's at the 40-minute mark and there's a tied game, we will put the last due batter up at 2nd base.ITB.

6. Run rule is 12 after 3rd inning, 10 after 4th inning, and 8 after 5th inning.

7. Maximum of 5 runs scored in innings 1-5. Innings 6 and 7 have no restrictions.

8. The recorded pitcher gets a courtesy runner so they can put on their protective gear.

9. 1 courtesy runner per inning per gender.

10. Home runs are unlimited.

11. Guys will swing wooden bats; females will use USA-approved slow-pitch bats.

12. 1 player will be designated to get 1 free foul, this is a 1 pitch 3-2 count.

13. We will enforce the casualty penalty rule we expect families to attend.

14. No unsportsmanlike behavior will be tolerated, we understand everyone wants to have fun. Please keep drinking hidden and not in dugouts, that also goes for smoking either substance.


1. There's no jumping from team to team. Once a team has been eliminated another team cannot pick up those players.


2. We will award some individual trophies supplied by Dove Tail Bats Batting champion:

Most Valuable player
Best team Sportsmanship
Team awards

Please keep in mind this is a benefit tournament. Keep swearing down to a minimum. We will be enforcing casualty profanity, drinking not on the field or in field dugouts, and smoking any substance is prohibited around fields and dugouts.


We have a contingency plan to use the Lewiston High School turf field if that's the case there will be 100% no drinking and smoking on school grounds. If caught, you'll be asked to leave.

Let's have fun and make this a memorable experience!

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